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Directorial view

“Solutions to career development and achieving goals rely on the convergence of a number of technologies and their proper alignment with customer requirements and industrial strategies. Entrepreneurs of different areas are expected to possess broad knowledge on business and changing technologies. The commencement of iAMS marked the culmination of an extended effort by a team of academic and management experts. This is to establish a new kind of independent educational institution relevant to an increasingly market-centric and technology-dependant society. Today, iAMS is one among the most sought-after educational institutions in Kerala offering excellent coaching in a variety of career-oriented courses”.

Annie Srivastava,
Managing Director

Values that drive us

  • True commitment to create goal-oriented and industry-centric entrepreneurs.
  • Excellence in practical and innovative teaching that provides an educational foundation that will enhance their career, tools and techniques that they can apply immediately to industry requirements.
  • Adaptable to the fast-changing industrial needs.
  • Abundant interaction with external communities are aimed to enhance the confidence of the students by moulding them to meet different industry standards.
  • A community spirit that embraces our students, alumni and faculty in the pursuit of learning.
  • The courses of iAMS empower students with the skills and capabilities necessary to solve and succeed in various industries.






MISSION : To provide quality education, strengthen the budding professionals with sound knowledge-base, nurture them with corporate skills and instill confidence in them to be successful in the corporate world.

VISION:To impart knowledge and mentor students from different walks of life for a successful career and create an environment that provides quality learning experience.

QUALITY POLICYTo be a catalyst to transform an individual by inculcating values and ethics which they can radiate to the nation and society.


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